phpipam has support for creating custom fields to be used in address, subnets, vlans, devices and users tables. This is useful when you need to add some custom data to your tables. You can set your custom fields under Administration > Custom fields.

It supports following types of data and it representations:
  • varchar: normal input field
  • integer: input field that must be an integer
  • boolean: true/false field, that is interpreted with dropdown
  • text: textarea input field, that holds bigger data than varchar
  • date: adds date field, that is represented with date dropdown
  • datetime: adds datetime field, that is represented with date and time dropdown
  • set: set field adds dropdown options, you control options in size/length field. For example, to have dropdown with three options you set ‘site1′,’site2′,’site3’ in size/length field.

Besides setting field type there are some other variables that can be set for each:

  • size / length: depends on field type this controls maximum length of input field or text, maximum size of integer, options for set field etc.
  • default: adds default value if field is left blank.
  • required: controls weather field is required to be filled in, if it is not insert/exit query will fail.

You can also set which fields are to be hidden from default table by clicking of filter button. Selected custom fields will not be visible in table view, but will always be visible under details for each data type. For example hiding custom IP address field will be visible in editing IP address and IP address details, but will not be shown in list of all IP addresses in subnet. This is mainly used to control size of table view not to be too wide.

Also note that if for example some field is to be shown for addresses and all inputs for this field are empty in view of all addresses in subnet, the field will not be shown.

Below are some screenshots.