phpipam version 1.2.1 was released today. This is a bugfix release, addressing the following issues:
 + French translation updated to verson 1.2;
 + German translation updated to verson 1.2;

 + Fixed upgrade bug that selected invalid auth method for AD/LDAP users;
 + Fixed LDAP problems after 1.2 upgrade;
 + Fixed PowerDNS Slave with multiple masters delimiter error;
 + Fixed owerDNS PTR records not being updated automatically;
 + Fixed csrf cookie bug when editing folder;
 + Fixed csrf cookie bug when truncationg subnet;
 + Fixed invalid code for API crypt method;
 + Fixed strange headings font display in Firefox;
 + Fixed invalid proxy settings in config.dist.php;
 + Fixed search same hostnames in db link form address table;
 + Fixed import subnet bug caused by fw object;
 + Fixed Subnet Import (Preview button > no action);

 Security Fixes:
 + Fixed security issues introduced in 1.2;

There is no database change, so just replace phpipam directory and copy over config.php.

br Miha