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phpIPAM API clients

To simplify API calls etc. I created a separate GitHub repository to have a collection of phpipam API clients for different languages etc. If you created a client and want to share it head over to and share yours !

To start I created a php class to work as API client, now available in repo in php-client folder: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2016/07/22 guide news api

phpipam v1.2 released

Dear all, I am happy to announce new release of phpipam IP address management – version 1.2.

For this release backend code was completely rewritten, for database connections now pdo has replaced mysqli. It also fixes lots of bugs, parametized SQL queries and brings lots of new features. ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2016/01/29 news release

phpipam v1.1 released :: security fixes, performance improvements, mod_rewrite optional

Dear all, I am happy to announce new version of phpipam IP address management – version 1.1. This release fixed some bugs, provided some new features, but most importantly it was focused on:

  • Security fixes (SQL injection, XSS scripting, crypting DB passwords, brute-force attack prevention, …)
  • Performace improvements (Caching, reusing SQL connection),..
  • mod_rewrite no longer required, selectable URL structure under settings

Some screens:

... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2014/12/08 news release

phpipam twitter account

I have opened a twitter account to deploy news etc easier, if you like you can follow @phpipam on twitter. I was hoping to get at least guys using development releases to help me testing.


Written by MihaP on 2014/11/28 news

Help translate phpIPAM

Translation support will be available on next phpipam release, code is being redone and final checks ongoing. I have decided to go with gettext, it seems to be the most suitable for phpipam.

Translating is straight-forward, by providing translations for strings, for example:

#: functions/functions-mail.php:176
msgid “your domain username”
msgstr “translated text”

There are many tools available to help with translation, like poedit and others.

If anyone is interested in providing translation, please contact me on email. I have already received some requests in the past, I will try to dig up old emails…


Written by MihaP on 2013/04/02 news