Dear all, I am happy to announce new release of phpipam IP address management – version 1.2.

For this release backend code was completely rewritten, for database connections now pdo has replaced mysqli. It also fixes lots of bugs, parametized SQL queries and brings lots of new features.

Make sure you php supports pdo and pdo_mysql before upgrading ! (php -m | grep pdo)

If you find phpIPAM useful for your company donation would be highly appreciated to support further development of phpIPAM software!

Most important new features are:
  • Multiple simultaneous authentication methods
  • PowerDNS integration
  • Mark subnet as full
  • L2 domains
  • ICMP check enhancements (fping support)
  • Firewall zones and nameservers
And much more. You can find full changelog below, please read it.

You can demo it here:
You can download it on sourceforge site: phpipam-1.2 or on github.

Before upgrading make sure you first backup current database, you can follow upgrade guide on our site.

Some screenshots:

Special thanks to all the people submitting bug reports, translators and feature testers!

Full changelog for this release is:

== 1.20

	New features:
	+ Added multiple simultaneous authentication methods (Apache, AD, LDAP, Radius, NetIQ);
	+ Added fping scanning support;
	+ Added selectable scanning type (ping/pear/fping);
	+ Added L2 domains;
	+ Added option to define address as default GW for subnet;
	+ Added customizable address tags with compressed option;
	+ Added temporary subnet / address shares;
	+ Added quick subnet masks;
	+ Added nameserver sets per subnets (jonashauge);
	+ Added optional syslog as log location;
		+ documentation:
		+ API v2, old v1 support added
		+ Complete rewrite of all API calls;
		+ New security models (crypt, ssl, none);
		+ Support for custom fields;
		+ JSON / XML output
		+ Full read/write controllers (Sections, Subnets/Folders, Addresses, Vlans, Vrfs);
	+ PowerDNS integration:
		+ Automatic reverse records creation (PTR) - IPv4 and IPv6;
		+ Automatic SOA, NS record creation;
		+ DNS domain management;
	+ Added Scan agents to scan subnets remotely;
	+ Added firewall zone mappings and module;
	+ Added per-subnet DNS resolvers;
	+ Added option to mark subnet as utilized (full);

	+ All tables are now InnoDB by default;
	+ Upgraded jQuery to 2.1.3;
	+ All functions rewritten to classes/methods;
	+ Parametized all SQL queries, moved from MySQLI to PDO;
	+ Added VLAN/VRF to search and to search results export;
	+ Redesigned admin and tools menu;
	+ Added scanned/discovered subnets to tools for faster overview;
	+ Per-user display settings;
	+ New widget - tools shortcuts;
	+ New widget - IP calculator;
	+ New widget - request IP address;
	+ Clickable links for subnet fields;
	+ Custom VRF fields;
	+ Subnets can be now linked to devices;
	+ Import/export enhancements;
	+ Fast user switching for admins to impersonate user;
	+ Opened folders and subnets in tree menu are saved on page reload;
	+ RWA users can now process IP requests;
	+ Added auto-suggest for possible slave subnets;
	+ SSL option for MySQL connections;
	+ Enum custom field support;
	+ Added password reset script;
	+ Set sections to display VRF in;

	Security Fixes:
	+ Parametized all MySQL querries;
	+ Fixed plainpass being logged on user update;
	+ Fixed XSS exploit on /error/;
	+ Added CSRF protection to forms;

	+ Added Czech translation;

	+ Fixed bug with SSL/TLS smtp servers;
	+ Fixed visual subnet display issues on 32bit systems;
	+ Fixed IPv6 split subnets bug;
	+ Fixed /31 ping bug scanning out of boundaries;
	+ Fixed nested broadcast not counted to used percentage;
	+ Fixed invalid redirect after timeout;
	+ Fixed discovery script index overridden;
	+ Fixed dashboard graphs links to subnets;
	+ Fixed Invalid ID on subnet scan of large subnets;