Dear all, I am happy to announce new release of phpipam IP address management – version 1.3.1. This release brings mostly bugfixes plus some new features, such as Circuit module and other enhancements.

  • Please read upgrade guide before upgrading!
  • As usual backup your database before upgrade.
  • Custom fields have custom_ prefix added, please update API client logic if it is used for custom fields!

If you find phpIPAM useful for your company donation would be highly appreciated to support further development of phpIPAM software!

Most "important" updates are:
  • Circuits module (circuits, providers, map, ...)
  • Compact menu layout
  • Network to network static nat
  • API updates
  • Bugfixes
And much more. You can find full changelog below, please read it.

You can download it on sourceforge site: phpipam-1.3.1 or on github.

Special thanks to all the people submitting bug reports, translators and feature testers!

Full changelog for this release is:

== 1.3.1

    New features:
    + Circuits module (circuits, providers, map, ...) (#731);

    Enhancements, changes:
    + Racks:
        + Automatic location assignment when device added to rack (#1230);
        + Rack map showing map of all racks in location;
        + Rack back side;
    + Compact menu layout (per-user setting, showing only icons);
    + Network to network static nat;
    + Selectable logo size (from config.php) (#952);
    + Added default option for permissions propagations (#1351);
    + API:
        + Added Circuits controller;
        + Encrypyted requests can now also be form-encoded (#1191);
        + Introduce mcrypt AES compatibility (#1516);
        + Fixed field ip not displayed when filters applied (#1529);
    + New resolve hostnames option for subnet (#1222):
        + Updates hostnames via pingCheck.php script (if parameter set for subnet);
        + Updates hostnames via resolveIPaddresses.php script (if parameter set for subnet);
        + On-the-fly empty hostname update if resolved (if parameter set for subnet and enabled globally);
        + Added this infor to tools > scanned networks;
    + Added custom_ prefix to custom field names to avoid duplication with custom fields (#1387);
    + Added option to hide IP requests for unauthenticated users on login page (#1394);
    + Performance optimizations for locations and subnet usage calculation;
    + Added user groups custom fields;

    + French translation updated to verson 1.3;
    + German translation updated to verson 1.3;

    + Fixed RACK images not displayed if not root location (#1204);
    + Fixed import gateway ip (#1240);
    + Fixed JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE for PHP 5.3 (#1135, #1245);
    + Rename class Thread to PingThread to avoid naming conflict with pthreads Thread class (#1254);
    + Fixed custom fields integer on subnet (#1266);
    + Fixed Import Ip-adress doesnt update location (#1284);
    + Fixed json_error for logo upload (#1256);
    + Fixed CSRF error when moving orphaned addresses (#1303);
    + Fixed VRF fetching via API by Id;
    + Fixed map issues when quotes are in name/description (#1384);
    + Fixed item not removed from NAT when deleted (#1378);
    + Fixed Error when error_reporting = E_ALL about strict standards when importing IP addresses (#1372);
    + Fixed Apostrophe errors in text custom fields (#1375);
    + Fixed API error when creating address under folder (#1507);
    + Fixed SNMPv3 (#1119);

    Security Fixes:
    + Fixed XSS issues (#1403, #1521, #1500);