phpipam twitter account

I have opened a twitter account to deploy news etc easier, if you like you can follow @phpipam on twitter. I was hoping to get at least guys using development releases to help me testing.


Written by MihaP on 2014/11/28 news

Automatic host availability and discovery check

From version 0.9 on there is a option to automatically check statuses of configured hosts for selected subnets, and discovery of new hosts. I received some related questions about it, so here is a short description and guide for it.

Firstly, pcntl support for php cli is advised so phpipam can do parallel icmp checks, this greatly reduces time required for checking status. You can check if your installation is ok with following command: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2013/12/28 guide

Help translate phpIPAM

Translation support will be available on next phpipam release, code is being redone and final checks ongoing. I have decided to go with gettext, it seems to be the most suitable for phpipam.

Translating is straight-forward, by providing translations for strings, for example:

#: functions/functions-mail.php:176
msgid “your domain username”
msgstr “translated text”

There are many tools available to help with translation, like poedit and others.

If anyone is interested in providing translation, please contact me on email. I have already received some requests in the past, I will try to dig up old emails…


Written by MihaP on 2013/04/02 news

phpIPAM installation on Debian 6.0.6

I have received a request for help on manual installation of phpIPAM on debian linux, so I decided to write a small how-to if anyone else has problems or is not so familiar with linux distributions and environment. I have used fresh default debian 6.0 as distribution because it is widely used, I believe on ubuntu linux procedure should be very similar, except maybe for locations of some config files.

I have used the following settings for installation:

  • Fresh debian installation
  • MySQL server not yet installed and no root pass configured
  • Apache not installed and configured
  • phpipam will be installed in default directory (no vhosts) under /phpipam/ folder

If you already have MySQL/apache set you can skip point 3.

Installation procedure: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2013/01/17 guide

phpIPAM in freeBSD ports

I recently noticed that phpIPAM is available also through FreeBSD ports (Thanks to Jake Smith):
cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/phpipam && make install clean

Check your package managers, if it is available on some other unix distros post it here for reference...


Written by MihaP on 2013/01/02 guide

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