phpIPAM installation on Debian 6.0.6

I have received a request for help on manual installation of phpIPAM on debian linux, so I decided to write a small how-to if anyone else has problems or is not so familiar with linux distributions and environment. I have used fresh default debian 6.0 as distribution because it is widely used, I believe on ubuntu linux procedure should be very similar, except maybe for locations of some config files.

I have used the following settings for installation:

  • Fresh debian installation
  • MySQL server not yet installed and no root pass configured
  • Apache not installed and configured
  • phpipam will be installed in default directory (no vhosts) under /phpipam/ folder

If you already have MySQL/apache set you can skip point 3.

Installation procedure: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2013/01/17 guide

phpIPAM in freeBSD ports

I recently noticed that phpIPAM is available also through FreeBSD ports (Thanks to Jake Smith):
cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/phpipam && make install clean

Check your package managers, if it is available on some other unix distros post it here for reference...


Written by MihaP on 2013/01/02 guide

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