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Example API calls using CURL

Here is a short guide on how to create API calls using CURL for a reference. Result will be presented as json and in debug mode.

Enable API and create new API key

Go to settings in phpipam GUI and enable API module, than go to settings > API and create new API App, set all APP params as desired for you APP.


First we need to authenticate to API server by providing username/password from some valid phpipam account to receive token: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2017/01/02 guide api

phpIPAM API clients

To simplify API calls etc. I created a separate GitHub repository to have a collection of phpipam API clients for different languages etc. If you created a client and want to share it head over to and share yours !

To start I created a php class to work as API client, now available in repo in php-client folder: ... Read more

Written by MihaP on 2016/07/22 guide news api

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